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特拉华州,俄亥俄州暖通空调365bet投注官方-消防 & 冰加热和空调

特拉华州,哦, 炉 and AC Repair and 安装

哥伦布北部的特拉华县, 特拉华州 (motto: 365bet投注官方town Living With a Modern Spirit) was founded in 1808 and has an estimated population of more than 40,000居民.

的 city is the home of several landmarks and attractions, 包括俄亥俄卫斯理大学, 哪个位于城市的中心.

近20年来,火 & 冰 has provided heating and cooling services for the 特拉华州 area and its residents. We have serviced and installed hundreds of air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces in the area.

We offer equipment for a variety of budgetary levels, and 融资 为您的家提供理想的舒适. When you’re ready to pick a company for your next home HVAC project, we hope you’ll consider us. 我们期待赢得您的生意.


小布朗朱格 is a harness race for three-year-old pacing standardbreds held since 1946 at the 特拉华州县集市grounds racetrack in 特拉华州, 俄亥俄州. 的 race takes place every year on the third Thursday after Labor Day.

它始于特拉华县集市之后, 从鲍威尔开始, shifted to a tract of land at the northern edge of the city. 和汉布莱顿人一样, 跑马比赛, it is one of the two most coveted races for Standardbred horses.


我们是任何品牌和型号的炉的专家. 我们为您的家提供一切365bet投注官方.

Among the services we offer that are a part of our process:

  • 检查现有365bet亚洲官方投注
  • Load calculations and sizing for new installations
  • 炉子的维护和调试
  • 炉维修
  • 电力和燃气可选
  • 由有执照的专职技术人员进行安装
  • 炉 add-ons (including filters, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers)
  • 高效的选项 满足各种供暖需求.

想了解更多关于这些的信息? 看看我们 完整的家庭熔炉指南.



  • 包子的餐厅. A neon Bun's Restaurant sign hangs from an arch over W. 俄亥俄州特拉华州的冬季街. 的 restaurant's roots trace back to 1864, when Fredrick Hoffman opened a bakery. 它的名字来源于他最受欢迎的365bet亚洲官方投注:包子.
  • 汉堡店. Founded in 1932, 汉堡店 is an institution in 特拉华州, 俄亥俄州. It is known for burgers, cinnamon buns, and a vintage soda shop counter.
  • 1808年美国小酒馆. Located just off the main drag in 特拉华州, 1808 opened in 2008. 的 name is a nod to the year 特拉华州, 俄亥俄州, was founded.
  • 瑟曼的儿子. This restaurant is being run by the 4th generation of the family that’s brought you Thurman’s famous burger. 自1942年以来,它一直是家族所有. 瑟曼的儿子 is named after the legendary Thurman Cafe in 哥伦布, 俄亥俄州.
  • 恢复酿造Worx. Located in the historic downtown district, this brewpub opened in May 2015. 的 menu is pub food made to complement the home-brewed beers.

And there you have it: the best (probably) restaurants in 特拉华州,哦. 在名单上看不到你最喜欢的? 365bet投注官方让我们知道. We’re always looking for great, local food recommendations.

空调 安装, 维修 and Tune-ups Near You

你应该买哪种类型的空调? 您现在的空调运行正常吗? Does an AC unit need to be paired with a specific furnace, or doesn’t it matter what you have on the heating side? 你的空调应该能使用多久? If it needs a repair, should you get the expensive repair or replace the system entirely? 一台新的空调要多少钱?

你的空调应该能使用多久? If it needs a repair, should you get the expensive repair or replace the system entirely? 一台新的空调要多少钱?

的se questions don’t always have perfect answers, because your situation won’t be the same as your neighbors.

To get you to those answers (and others like them), we have a full suite of AC services:

如果你有任何暖通方面的问题,火警 & 冰雪代表随时待命:


When we think about HVAC, we think about furnaces and air conditioners. But roughly 20% of the 哥伦布 metro market doesn’t have access to a gas line, 所以他们使用电力系统. 这通常包括热泵. We have the same range of quality services for heat pumps as we do across the HVAC spectrum:


听听斯科特对火的经验 & 在特拉华州,OH

景点 & 俄亥俄州特拉华州的事件

的re are too many to list, but below are a handful of our favorites.

  • 特拉华州艺术节. High-quality arts and crafts are exhibited in the heart of downtown, 毗邻俄亥俄卫斯理大学. 的 festival is the same weekend as the annual OWU Alumni reunion.
  • 特拉华州县集市. 交易会举办许多活动, including five days of the best in harness racing capped off by the prestigious 小布朗朱格 on Thursday, 还有数百家参展商的展览.
  • 鹿港公园. 这个公园包括1个.5 miles of hiking trails through woodland areas, around prairies, and through wetlands. 的 park includes a wildlife blind and the Lodge nature center, 哪家提供可租用的会议场地.
  • 俄亥俄州中部交响曲. 的 symphony performs in Gray Chapel at 俄亥俄州 Wesleyan University several times a year. 4,522 -管道Klais器官, 在德国为俄亥俄卫斯理大学建造, 作为音乐会的背景.
  • Olentangy洞穴. Formed millions of years ago by the force of an underground river, the caverns were thought to have been used by the Wyandotte Tribe as a haven from the weather. 的 cave tour is self-guided and takes approximately 30 minutes.

43015 HVAC365bet投注官方

的 toughest conversations are the ones homeowners often don’t want to hear, and we understand that something has already gone wrong if one of our repair technicians needs to come out to your home.

We’ve had the same conversations thousands of times, and they’re never easy. We’ll listen to your questions and concerns, and help you to find the best solution. 你的舒适是我们最关心的.

看看我们 free 暖通空调承包商检查表 below, which includes several questions to give you peace of mind about your next HVAC investment. It will prepare you to hold your HVAC partner accountable for its quality and service.

如果你有任何暖通方面的问题,火警 & 冰雪代表随时待命: